mackage online store

Notice to Parents freaks mode: it will be now possible to obtain coats of Mackage shoe for your little ones!

In seeking in vain for a warm coat, practical and fashionable for her son Elisa Dahan had the idea to create Mackage Mini.,mackage online store. Faced with the glaring lack the stylized and original coats market for children 2 to 12 years, Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy, ​​the creators of the Canadian brand, decided to remedy the situation and to start their own collection.

Their inspiration? The flagship models of the adult coats, mackage down coats sale,pea coats and the jackets, but in a mini format. “The coats of the Mini collection are made to last while offering parents an option both elegant and fun for their children,” says Ms. Dahan in the press release announcing the newcomers in the Mackage family.

I must say that I find the mini models coats Canadian claw really cute, especially the down jacket! However, prices – between $ 395 and $ 450 – seem a bit high when we know that children grow fast,discount mackage jackets sale. What do you think?

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