2016 series Palm Springs open in early spring show

A few days ago, in Hollywood’s backyard-United States, California, Palm Springs, LouisVuitton2016 the spring vacations show official. This is NicolasGhesqui รจ re in charge of LV released the second since early in the series, for modern women to create a magnificent United States dreams throughout the show, full of retro style, free and full of personality.

The Grand fashion show at Bob hope and Dorothy Rachel Hopkins, a private mansion. Erected on top of the Nanshan in Palm Springs, panoramic view of the keqilagu building, the aesthetics of postmodernism and deconstructionism with a heavy mental models are painted style exaggerated and dramatic Ziggy makeup, reflecting the building’s gray light, the whole show is like a 70 ‘s film, with a rich hippie style.

LV this season added a number of innovative elements, indiscriminate use of colour and psychedelic patterns, lantern sleeves and metal accessories.Hippie style elements using one moment back in the 70 ‘s of last century the United States, only this time less decadent, more sports arbitrary, to which the freedom of spirit into the Los Angeles. On the fabric, Nicolas is also a breakthrough, velvet, patent leather, sequins fabric, bold and strong colors to hedge, to the whole series more easily and the modern sense, feel free to step on a pair of thick-soled sneakers or flip flops, it can present good sense of pleasant holidays.